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Sabyasachi Seal

Cloud Enthusiast

Cybersecurity Passionate

Data Science Practioner

AI Enthusiast

Undergraduate in CSE

Hello! I am an undergraduate student with a never ending love for Cloud and a burning passion for Cybersecurity. I love talking to new people and discuss about new ideas. I have recently started with Web Development and loving it since.

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I have always been intrigued to learn more. I have experience in Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Data Science. I love taking up new projects and building new apps/websites with people. I have recently started with Artifitial Intelligence and am currently making a project on it.

I also love taking part in Hackathons, Challenges and Summits. I have participated in many programs like the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator, 30 Days of Cloud, Azure Developer League, AWS Cloud Summit, Google Devfest, Azure Skill-Up, Learn to Earn, Hacktoberfest and much more.


Things I am good at

Ever since I started using cloud, I have been on Cloud 9. I have used GCP, AWS, Azure, Gastby, and many more. I have participated in many programs like the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator, 30 Days of Cloud, Azure Developer League, AWS Cloud Summit, Google Devfest, Azure Skill-Up, Learn to Earn, Hacktoberfest and the list goes on.


Data Science is the art of being able to process, analyse, and visualize lots of data to make useful deductions or important predictions.


I have been involved in multiple Competitive programming events, like HackerRank, CodeChef Snackdown, Code Kata and much more. LeetCode Profile


Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information by digital attacks.


I have started with Web Dev just a couple months ago. I mostly work on the front-end but I am going to learn back-end as well very soon.


I am a fond user of linux. I have used many distros like Zorin, Kali, Manjaro and ofcourse Ubuntu. I still work mainly on windows :)


I can speak English, Hindi and Bengali. I have a C2 Proficient Score On EF SET. I have also written articles on various topics. Wanna take a look?


I started off with my first model on jupyter notebook. Since then I have practiced and competed on kaggle and more platforms. I usually use tensorflow, sci-kit learn, keras, and much more.


I love to produce music and create remixes. My most used softwares include FL Studios and Ableton. My favourite to spend time is by listenting to music.

I do much more ...

That is certainly not all, I have a lot more interests and I love to do a lot more stuff. Want to know about my activity? visit my LinkedIn


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Creative Abilities

Design and Content Skills
  • Web Layout

    Web Design is one of my favourite things. I love designing web pages. Its amazing how beautiful and creative we can be with a website.

  • Graphics Design

    Be it for my blog or a college competition, I have made a poster/banner to add a graphical taste to my work.

  • Data

    It is amazing to be able to take huge amounts of data and then make graphs, charts, etc out of it. Helps in analysis and training AI

  • Content

    I love writing. Be it technical or non-technical, its amazing how much we can express with well-placed words. Here's my Medium


Coding Skills

Developing on
  • 90%

    Certainly my favorite language to code in. Simple code, limitless possibilities.

  • 75%
    HTML, CSS,

    Began with Web Development a month ago. Feels amazing to build my own website.

  • 85%
    Linux Shell

    I have used linux for more than 2 years now. Even though I mostly use Windows, I also like Linux.

  • 60%

    Be it Dev or CP, Java got it all. Very fast and amazing memory control.

  • 95%
    Sci-Kit Learn

    Since i have a lot of intrests in AI, these pakages help me in making models, predictions, etc.

  • 90%
    Docker, Kubernetes

    Docker and kubernetes are the pinnacle of container based applications.They help a lot in testing of apps.


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    Sabyasachi Seal
    Student & Technology Enthusiast
    • Age: 20
    • Residence: India
    • Address: Kolkata
    • Phone: +91 891-042-7807
    • E-mail:
    • Twitter @sabyasachi_seal
    Sabyasachi Seal